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Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring Sessions

Please note that tutoring is NOT available during the Winter and Summer Sessions.

Online Tutoring Sessions are through The Learning Center. This is the perfect way to get excellent academic assistance if you are an Online or Distance Learner. Online Tutoring Sessions are available for any class currently offered at TLC face-to-face. For a list of these courses, please visit our Courses We Tutor page. Please see the instructions below on how to set up an appointment and connect to the service.

Instructions for using the service:

  • Call The Learning Center at (270) 745-5065 to set up an appointment for your course.
  • Before your scheduled appointment, get your computer ready. Online Tutoring Sessions require a broadband internet connection--dial-up doesn't work. If you have a microphone, webcam, and speakers/headphones, hook those up so that you can talk to, see, and hear your tutor (voice and video are optional but highly recommended).
  • About five minutes prior to your appointment, check your WKU email account--you will have an email from The Learning Center ( with a link inside--click the link and you're almost there!
  • At the login screen you'll type in your NetID and password. Click "Enter Meeting" and let the learning begin!
  • Please call TLC at (270) 745-5065 if you experience any technical issues before or during your online tutoring session.
 Last Modified 9/14/18