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“A people without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.”
Marcus Garvey 


Big Red


African American Studies





Fall 2017

Undergraduate Minor

Required Courses

AFAM 190 African American Experience, with C. Hopson and A. Rosa

African American life and experiences in the United States viewed from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Seven core subjects are surveyed: African American history, religion, politics, creative productions (music, dance, theatre), economics, social organizations and psychology.

AFAM/HIST 359: Blacks in American History Since 1877, with J. Graves (Web)

A chronological study of African American history and culture since 1877 with an emphasis on black contributions to American life and thought.

AFAM 393 African American Literature, with C. Lewis

Prerequisite(s): ENG 200 or permission of instructor. A critical study of the contributions of African-American writers to American literature.



**AFAM Electives taught by AFAM Faculty are available from the following list:

AFAM 343 Communities of Struggle, with A. Rosa

Prerequisite(s): AFAM 190 or permission of instructor; 21 hours of Foundations and Explorations courses, or junior status. Examines the relationship between distinct communities of struggle in Africa and the African Diaspora and the impact of African American social movements on a range of liberation struggles within this context.


Cross-Listed Courses

**Also, one can satisfy the Minor from the following cross-listed courses:

COMM 463 Intercultural Communication (Honors), with J. Kong

Prerequisite(s): COMM 200; COMM 300 (may be taken concurrently) or instructor permission. Honors Eligibility or 3.2 overall university GPA required.  Creates an understanding of dimensions of communication theory that apply across cultural boundaries. Emphasis is placed on both theoretical and practical awareness of communication in and between cultures.

FLK 330 Cultural Connections/Diversity, with B. Kaufkins and K. Horigan

Prerequisite(s): 21 hours of Foundations and Explorations courses, or junior status.Service learning course that examines the diversity of American culture and engages students in activities to develop skills in working with a variety of cultural groups.

PS 220 Judicial Process, with J. Budziak

Prerequisite(s): PS 110; 21 hours of Foundations and Explorations courses, or junior status.An introduction to the American legal system, the process of legal reasoning and legal resolution of value conflicts.

PS 326 Constitutional Law, with J. Budziak

Study and analysis of leading constitutional decisions dealing with judicial review, government powers over domestic and foreign affairs, federalism and the relationships between the functional branches of government.

SOCL 100, multiple sections

Introduction to the basic concepts of society and culture, group behavior, population, class, minorities, community, social institutions and social changes.

SOCL 240 Global Social Problems, with C. Taylor & D. Lovell (on-Demand)

Prerequisite(s): SOCL 100 or consent of instructor; 21 hours of Foundations and Explorations courses, or junior status.  Examines causes of and responses to critical social problems in different world regions, with a focus on the dimensions and impacts of globalizations. Diverse social theories are applied to interpret problems such as environmental degradation, AIDS, family violence, racism, migration, international poverty, and crime.

SOCL 355 Sociology of Gender, with S. Groce

Prerequisite(s): SOCL 100 or consent of instructor. Examination of the social construction of women's and men's roles in society and of the concepts of masculinity and femininity.

SOCL 362 Race, Class, and Gender, with A. Onyekwuluje and D. Lovell (Web)

Prerequisite(s): Sociology 100 or consent of instructor. The five primary institutions (family, religion, economy, education government) as they affect and are affected by race, class, and gender in America. Explores interrelationships among those institutions and between various racial and other groups.

SOCL 375 Diversity in America Society, with A. Onyekwuluje (On-Demand)

Prerequisite(s): SOCL 100 or consent of instructor. Sociological analyses of ways societal institutions create and shape intergroup diversity. Focuses on the elements of social organization and their relationships to diversity.


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