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College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

CEBS Faculty & Staff

Dean's Office

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Sam Evans Dean GRH 2046 270-745-4664
  Associate Dean for Academic Programs GRH 2045 270-745-4014  
Mr. Devin Bell Technology Support Specialist; Web Developer GRH 2062 270-745-4098
Ms. Sharon Hartz Budget Coordinator GRH 2040 270-745-4663
Mr. Stan Herren Technology Support Specialist GRH 2062 270-745-2970
Ms. Steva Kaufkins Grants Administrator GRH 2041 270-745-8839
Ms. Kristy Ketterman Office Assoc. / Public Relations Coordinator GRH 2039 270-745-4020
Dr. Tony Kirchner Director, Educational Technology GRH 2048 270-745-4331
Ms. Tammy Spinks Office Coordinator GRH 2039 270-745-4664

Department of Counseling & Student Affairs

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Jill Duba Sauerheber Professor and Department Head GRH 2011 270-745-4799
Dr. Lacretia Dye Assistant Professor; School Counseling Program Coordinator; SC Clinical Coordinator (fall & spring Internships) GRH 2019 270-745-3029
Dr. Monica Burke Associate Professor GRH 2025 270-745-8997
Dr. Aaron Hughey Professor; Student Affairs Program Coordinator GRH 2013 270-745-4849
Dr. Andrea J. Kirk-Jenkins Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Program Coordinator GRH 2017 270-745-4786
Dr. Cynthia Mason Professor; School Counseling Clinical Coordinator (Spring practicum) GRH 2015 270-745-6404
Dr. Fred Stickle Professor;  MCFC Program Coordinator GRH 2012 270-745-4953
Ms. Belinda Wisdom Office Associate GRH 2027 270-745-4953
Dr. Cheryl Wolf Assistant Professor; CMHC & MCFC Clinical Coordinator and CMHC Program Coordinator; CNS Outreach and Development Coordinator  GRH 2016 270-745-4484

Dept. of Educational Administration, Leadership & Research

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Marguerita DeSander Department Head GRH 3085 270-745-6039
Dr. Jim Berger Professor GRH 3080 270-745-3892
Dr. Kimberlee Everson Assistant Professor GRH 3093 270-745-6143
Dr. Gary Houchens Associate Professor GRH 3087 270-745-4999
Dr. Stacy Leggett Assistant Professor GRH 3083 270-745-2042
Dr. Stephen K. Miller Transitional Retiree/Associate Professor GRH 3090 270-745-4890
Dr. Jianliang Wang Professor GRH 3081 270-745-4906
Dr. Kristen Wilson Associate Professor GRH 3084 270-745-6143

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Tony Norman Program Director Doctoral House 270-745-3061
Mr. Bob Cobb Prof. Assoc., Applied Research Doctoral House 270-745-3061
Mr. Josiah Super Office Coordinator Doctoral House 270-745-3061

Department of Military Science and Leadership

Name Job title Office Phone Email
LTC Thomas MacMillin Department Head DA 1512 270-745-6049
SFC Andrew Black Military Science Instructor DA 1514 270-745-6052
Mr. Kevin Eisel Military Science Instructor (MSI) DA 1515 270-745-4287
Mr. Wayne Hatch Human Resource Technician DA 1512 270-745-4294
SFC David Henderson Training Non-commissioned officers (NCO) DA 1515 270-745-6926
MSG David Chaney Senior Military Science Instructor (SMSI) DA 1507 270-745-2109
Ms. Andrea Greenwood Advisor/Program Coordinator DA 1512 270-745-4293
Mr. Brandon Smith Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) DA 1512 270-745-6054
SSG Eric Vincent Army National Guard (ARNG) DA 1517 270-745-2311
MAJ Mirella Gravitt Assistant Professor Military Science (APMS) DA 1506 270-745-8937
CPT Colin Bair Military Science Instructor DA 1512 270-745-4293
MSG Roger Blankenship Military Science Instructor DA 1515 270-745-6052

Office of Teacher Services

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Sam Evans

Interim Director of the Office of Teacher Services & School Relations

GRH 2046 270-745-4664
Ms. Denise Hardesty Coordinator Minority Teacher Recruitment Center GRH 2053 270-745-2996

Ms. Cindy Snazelle

Office Associate, Teacher Certification GRH 2052 270-745-4300
Ms. Andrea Ford Teacher Admissions / Field Placement / Field Hours GRH 2051 270-745-6249
Ms. Candace Lee Certification Officer GRH 2049A 270-745-4300
Ms. Cindy White Student Teaching with Student Record Specialist, Student Teaching GRH 2052 270-745-4896

Department of Psychology

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Sharon Blevins Part-time Faculty
Dr. Joseph Cangemi Emeritus Professor of Psychology GRH 3051 270-745-2343
Dr. Krisstal Clayton Pedagogical Assistant Professor GRH 3046  270-745-3537
Dr. Pitt Derryberry Co-Department Head and Professor GRH 3017 270-745-5250
Dr. Lisa Duffin Assistant Professor GRH 3014 270-745-6324
Dr. Ryan Farmer Assistant Professor GRH 3049 270-745-4419
Mr. Mark Graves Part-time Faculty GRH 3047 270-745-4422
Dr. Rick Grieve Professor, Psy.D. Coordinator
GRH 3018 270-745-4417
Dr. Elizabeth Jones Associate Professor GRH 3022 270-745-4414
Dr. Samuel Kim Assistant Professor GRH 3048 270-745-2450
Dr. Sally Kuhlenschmidt Professor, Clinical Psy Coordinator GRH 3020 270-745-2114
Ms. Robin Lovell Office Associate GRH 3012 270-745-2696
Dr. Sam McFarland Emeritus Professor of Psychology   270-745-4408
Dr. Daniel McBride Part-time Faculty GRH 3045 270-745-4976
Dr. Jodi McKnight Part-time Faculty
Dr. Carl Myers Associate Professor, School Psy Coordinator GRH 3013 270-745-4410
Ms. Sara Murphy Part-Time Faculty
Dr. Tony Norman Professor GRH 3085 270-745-3061
Dr. Anthony Paquin Associate Professor GRH 3021 270-745-4423
Dr. Bill Pfohl Emeritus Professor of Psychology GRH 3045 270-745-4976
Ms. Ginny Pfohl Transitional Retiree, Instructor GRH 3044 270-745-2046
Dr. Jacqueline Pope-Tarrence Associate Dean for Accountability and Research/Professor GRH 2038 270-745-4661
Dr. James Prather Instructor E-Town Campus 270-745-5895
Dr. Jenni Redifer Assistant Professor GRH 3024 270-745-4081
Dr. Ronda Talley Professor GRH 3023 270-745-2780
Dr. Steven Wininger Co-Department Head and Professor GRH 3016 270-745-4421
Dr. Qin Zhao Associate Professor GRH 3015 270-745-5023

School of Teacher Education

Name Job title Office Phone Email
Dr. Sylvia Dietrich Director and Associate Dean/Associate Professor GRH 1097 270-745-5414
Dr. David Almand Master Teacher TCCW 125A 270-745-2335
Dr. Janet Applin Associate Professor, Special Education GRH 1029 270-745-4335
Dr. Nedra Atwell Professor GRH 1018 270-745-4647
Ms. Patricia Bertke Instructor Owensboro campus 270-745-5095
Dr. Marty Boman Associate Professor GRH 1006 270-745-5414
Dr. Barbara Burch Professor/Provost Emerita GRH 1021 270-745-8996
Ms. Kristy Cartwright   GRH 1034 270-745-3588  
Dr. Tabitha Daniel Transitional Retiree/Professor
Ms. Janice Davenport Master Teacher TCCW 100D 270-745-2451
Dr. Judy Davison Transitional Retiree/Associate Professor
Dr. Martha Day Associate Professor GRH 1085 270-745-4411
Dr. Barbara Fiehn Assistant Professor GRH 1024 270-745-5562
Dr. Kay Gandy Professor GRH 1014 270-745-2991
Ms. Denise Garner Academic Advisor GRH 1094 270-745-3928
Dr. Margaret Gichuru Assistant Professor GRH 1084 270-745-3135
Ms. Tonya Guyton Student Support Specialist GRH 1096 270-745-2588
Dr. Lynn Hines Professional in Residence GRH 1106 270-745-5583
Mr. Pete B. Hoechner Instructor GRH 1079 270-745-4753
Dr. Cynthia Houston Professor GRH 1013 270-745-6501
Dr. Xiaoxia S. Huang Assistant Professor GRH 1028 270-745-4322
Dr. Nancy Hulan Assistant Professor GRH 1083A 270-745-4324
Dr. Jeanine M. Huss Associate Professor GRH 1010 270-745-2293
Ms. Pamela Janoski Instructor Owensboro campus 270-745-5095
Dr. Pamela Jukes Professor GRH 1012 270-745-4485
Dr. Susan Keesey Assistant Professor GRH 1105 270-745-4640
Dr. Gail Kirby Associate Professor GRH 1087 270-745-3746
Dr. J. Dusteen Knotts Associate Professor GRH 1086 270-745-3747
Ms. Rachel Leer Instructor GRH 1080 270-745-3745
Dr. Jeremy Logsdon   GRH 1033 270-745-3587  
Dr. Erin Margarella Assistant Professor GRH 1024 270-745-3589  
Ms. Melia Mattingly Instructor E-Town campus 270-745-5895
Dr. Marge Maxwell Professor GRH 1017 270-745-2435
Dr. Michael McDonald Associate Professor GRH 1084A 270-745-3097
Dr. Julia Mittelberg Assistant Professor GRH 1009 270-745-3779
Dr. John Moore Associate Professor GRH 1102 270-745-5415
Dr. Lisa D. Murley Associate Professor GRH 1011 270-745-8822
Dr. Christina Roantree Noel Assistant Professor GRH 1008 270-745-4255
Dr. Andrea Paganelli Assistant Professor GRH 1007 270-745-4420
Ms. Anne Patterson Instructor Glasgow 220 270-659-6923
Dr. Pamela Petty Professor GRH 1103 270-745-2922
Dr. Judy Pierce Professor GRH 1030 270-745-4435
Ms. Catherine Poteet Professional in Residence Glasgow campus 270-659-6923
Dr. Julia Roberts Professor; Director, Gifted Studies FSH 110 270-745-6323
Dr. Richard Roberts Transitional Retiree/Professor FSH 117 270-745-4290
Ms. Catherine Rogier Professional in Residence Owensboro  campus 270-684-9797
Ms. Lorie Ryan Office Associate GRH 1092 270-745-2819
Ms. Deborah Sloss Academic Advisor GRH 1093 270-745-6572
Dr. Kandy Smith Instructor GRH 1088 270-745-5013
Ms. Connie Spears Office Coordinator GRH 1092 270-745-4607
Dr. Rebecca Stobaugh Associate Professor GRH 1015 270-745-4497
Dr. Daniel Super Director, A.S.K. Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning GRH 1111 270-745-2809
Dr. Antonia Szymanski Assistant Professor GRH 1005 270-745-4937
Dr. Janet Tassell Assistant Professor GRH 1104 270-745-5306
Mr. Rico Tyler Professional-In-Residence GRH 1109 270-745-6199
Dr. Cassie Zippay Transitional Retiree/Assistant Professor
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    Building Abbreviations and Locations:
    • DA: Diddle Arena
    • Doctoral House: 1702 Normal Drive
    • FSH: Florence Schneider Hall
    • GRH: Gary A. Ransdell Hall (Map, Directions and Parking Information)
    • JJ: Jones Jaggers Hall
    • PH: Potter Hall
    • SVCEC: Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex
    • TCCW: Thompson Complex, Center Wing

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