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Dr. Janet Applin

Dr. Janet Applin

Associate Dean for Academic Programs / Associate Professor, Special Education

Office:  GRH 2045
Phone:  270-745-4014
Email:  janet.applin@wku.edu

Primary Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Oversees advising/student issues (e.g., schedule exception requests, grade appeals, admission); approves independent studies.
  2. Coordinates CEBS Academic Transitions Program (ATP) activities
  3. Consults with faculty on academic program development including course proposals and curriculum committees.
  4. Serves as Chair of CEBS Curriculum Committee
  5. Serves as Vice-Chair Professional Education Council
  6. Approves all CEBS recruitment materials
  7. Coordinates new faculty activities and faculty professional development activities
  8. Represents CEBS on university committees dealing with curricular matters, orientation, scheduling, etc.
  9. Represents college at University Curriculum Committee and Graduate Council Meetings.
  10. Reviews all applications for admission to graduate programs.
  11. Chairs Alternate Admission Subcommittee
  12. Chairs College Complaint Committee
  13. Coordinates Administration of Comprehensive Exams
  14. Reviews applications for MAE comprehensive exams to determine eligibility
  15. Represents dean’s office when appropriate at recruitment and retention events.
  16. Coordinates the Education and Behavioral Science MAE program.
  17. Provides oversight for CEBS Catalog Revisions
  18. Serves as liaison between the Graduate School and faculty in CEBS.
  19. Serves as liaison between dean’s office and teacher certification and teacher services.
  20. Supervises and collaborates with office associates in dean's office.
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