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BGISD Contract Extension has been awarded for 2012-2013.

The Center's Program coordinator, Robin Hume, will continue to work for the Bowling Green Independent School District (BGISD) during the 2012-2013 school year. Robin will serve as a resource for the elementary science teachers in the district. Several trips to a local stream are being planned for the district's fourth grade students for this Fall. Robin will also work as a liaison between General Motors (GM) and BGISD to facilitate school projects at GM's new Outdoor Wildlife Habitat Area. With the new Common Core State Standards for Science being released in December of this year, Robin and a team of BGISD elementary science teachers will collaborate to find or create new science lesson plans, activities and labs wihich directly connect to the new standards.

Latest Headlines
Bristow Elementary School Installs a Vernal Pond on their Campus

Development of a "Disconnected Classroom" started October 18, 2013, in Warren County, KY, with installing a vernal pond to provide real-life experiences with scientific material through discovery learning.

Phase 2a for Durbin Project Completed; first passive home to be constructed ...

Phase 2a for the initial road and utility infrastructure, including permeable parking and a road-length bioswale designed to help with stormwater management, was completed in fall, 2013, using EPA 319(h) funds from the KY Division of Water.

NASA supports Center to work with STEM Educators

This NASA-funded project will implement an innovative collaborative project that addresses the need to increase the number of qualified science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) educators.

The Partnership Between General Motors and the Center Continues...

An award of $4000 from the General Motors Foundation in the summer of 2013 will support the Center to work with the local schools in facilitating water quality testing at Trammel Creek.

GWC Enterprise Starts Installing Underground Utilities

On June 20, 2013, GWC Enterprise starts installing the underground utilities at the Durbin Estate Project for the water, sewer and electric lines. For more information, click the title.

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