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Molly Bolick

Molly Bolick

Public track, 2nd year graduate student

molly bolick 


Molly is from Northeastern Pennsylvania, in the mountains of the Anthracite coal region. She received a BA in Anthropology from Penn State University and spent a semester studying Irish Folklore at University College Dublin. She interned with the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and has a background in labor activism, reproductive justice and rights, and most recently working with refugees in Bowling Green.


The main project Molly worked on for her internship was a Sewing and Textile Arts Circle for women in Harrisburg, PA. It is still ongoing and brought together a diverse (and awesome!) group of traditional fabric artists, including women who are American-born, immigrants and refugees, to share techniques, forms, information about resources, and stories.  Read more about her internship here.

Molly's assistantship is as a graduate teaching associate for a Cultural Diversity class, which has a special service learning component where students work in the refugee and immigrant community and with the International Center and the ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships.


Fun factoids:

Over the summer, Molly rescued a kitten and now has a Minnie Kitty who is healthy and likes to sit in the bathroom sink.
She has worked as a barista and is a total tea and coffee freak/snob.



If you were given a couple million what would you do with it? "I would go to Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble once a month."

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