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The Graduate School - Faculty FAQ

Could you explain the eSignature process for admission decisions?
An overview and instructions on how to use eSignature Forms for admission decisions can be found here.
How do I sign and submit forms electronically to The Graduate School?
For instructions on signing forms electronically, please see these instructions. For admission decisions, you should view this page.
Where should I send an electronic document after it is completed?
The list to whom documents should be sent can be found here.
How do I know what forms my adivsee has on file with The Graduate School?

You can check what forms are on file with our office through your TopNet account.

  1. Log on to TopNet.
  2. Select "Advisors and Student Data Inquiry" on the Student Services tab. 
  3. Click "View General Student Information" and select the term and the advisee. 
  4. The forms currently have on file with us will be found in the "Graduation Status" section. The example (below) shows that this student has a Form C, Form D, Form E, and the Application for Graduation on file for the MA in Sociology. TopNet Instructions 3
One of my advisees has a probation hold. How do I remove it?

While the staff at the Graduate School automatically puts probation holds on students that meet probation criteria, an advisor is responsible for removing the hold after he or she has met with the advisee. These holds can be removed in TopNet.  After logging into TopNet, select the "Advisors & Student Data Inquiry" tab and click "Update Student Hold Flags." You should then see a screen like this:

Probation Holds Screen

This student has a probation hold and a Form D hold. To release the probation hold, click on "Not Advised" and switch the status to "Advised." After this is complete, press "Submit Changes"

I forwarded an eSignature to another faculty/staff member or back to The Graduate School, but they didn't receive it or can't view it. What happened?
When sending eSignatures, you will need to ensure that you send the eSignature from the eSignature form itself. Do not forward them by clicking "Forward" in your email client. (If you do this, the individual receiving the form will not be able to open it, but if you send it from the eSignature, they will be able to see it.) You may also check the status of where an eSignature form is by  looking at the Audit Trail/Review Verification found at the bottom of the form.
My department wants to offer an Graduate Assistantship to a student. What is the process?
  1. Prospective candidates for Graduate Assistant positions must be admitted as degree-seeking graduate students.
  2. Graduate student must make application for a Graduate Assistantship by completing a Graduate Assistantship Application. The completed GA application must be returned to the Graduate School. Additionally, three letters of recommendation are needed to complete the assistantship application. For students wanting to continue their assistantship past the initial assistantship, they should consult with their academic department.
  3. When the GA application and letters of recommendation are processed in the Graduate School, a Graduate Assistantship Recommendation Form is prepared and sent to the hiring department.
  4. The hiring department completes the GA Recommendation Form by completing the bottom portion of the form: Assistantship Granted, Appointment Period, Half-Time (20 hours of work per week – typical appointment), Stipend Amount, Assistantship Account Number or Grant Account (if grant funds are used), Area of Responsibility (teaching, research, service – 100% total), Description of Assistantship Duties, and Signatures. Failure to fully complete all fields on the form will result in it being rejected and sent back to the department.
  5. The hiring department then prepares an offer letter informing the student of the assistantship offer. The letter needs to include appointment period, stipend amount, tuition waivers (if applicable), and duties/job responsibilities.  Student must sign and date and return to the hiring department indicating acceptance of assistantship. A copy of the letter should be given to the student for their records as well.
  6. Upon receipt of the student’s signed acceptance of the GA offer, the hiring department may then prepare an EPAF to begin the process of putting the GA on payroll. (Please note: An EPAF will only be approved in the Graduate School when the student has applied for the assistantship and the GA Recommendation form has been submitted to the hiring department.) Information about how to fill out an EPAF can be found at the Human Resources website. If you are unfamiliar with the EPAF process, simply email epaf.help@wku.edu and provide a phone number where you can be reached.  Someone will contact you and walk you through the process.
  7. Upon completion of the above steps, the hiring department/college/unit must send the completed Graduate Assistantship Recommendation form, the original (or copy) of the student signed offer letter, and a copy of the completed EPAF to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. A copy of the completed EPAF (with the status of APPROVED) must be submitted to the Graduate School. Please do NOT send these items separately. Send all documents at the same time.
If you have any questions about any of the above steps, please contact the Graduate School at any time.
I need to register a student for a course. Can the staff at the Graduate School do this?
The Graduate School does not register for students for courses. If a student cannot self-register himself or herself, you should contact your office associate to allow the student to register for a closed or restricted course. If a student has holds on his or her account, these holds must be taken care of before any registration can occur.
How do I gain Graduate Faculty membership?
Please see the Graduate Faculty page for details about membership requirements and the application.
How do I know if I am a Graduate Faculty member or check on the dates for my appointment?
A complete listing of Graduate Faculty members and appointment dates can be found here.
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