Western Kentucky University

Publication Guidelines



1. Schedule a meeting by contacting University Publications

Visit http://www.wku.edu/pubrequest • or call 745-6294 or e-mail publications@wku.edu


2. First meeting with Publications

Be prepared to discuss:

  • existing publication (if any)
  • audience
  • communication goals
  • content
  • imagry/photography
  • budget

Provide text:

  • On portable media (CD, USB drive), attached to an e-mail or sent to the University Shared Drive (University Publications)
  • In a .doc file or email with as little formatting as possible
  • Edited, revised, spelling, grammar, and fact-checked (it is essential that you proof your text and prepare a final draft before you submit it to University Publications). 
  • Reviewed and approved by supervisor

3. Production Schedule

If possible, please allow us TWO WEEKS to design a first proof for small projects (brochures, ads, posters) and THREE WEEKS to design a first proof for large projects (booklets, newsletters, magazines). Allow TWO WEEKS for conventional offset printing or four days for digital printing.


4. Proofing

  • Publications will e-mail a PDF file or drop off an ink-jet proof.
  • Publications will refine the design and present additional proofs.
  • Publications will get cost estimates from six printers; you choose.
  • When you are satisfied, give written permission to print. E-mail is fine.

5. Printing

  • Give Publications the budget code (index number) for the job.
  • Publications will submit an Online Print Request form.
  • Publications will send all necessary job files to printer.
  • Carefully review the printer’s proof. The next time you see your job, it will be printed.
  • The printer will deliver the publication to your department or to Central Receiving.

6. Feedback

  • Publications will send a short satisfaction survey.
  • Tell us where we need to improve our service, and send the survey back to us.


We thank you for your business!

 Last Modified 7/23/13