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The WKU Student Senate meets at 5 p.m. every Tuesday in Garret Conference Room 203.



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The Student Government Association at Western Kentucky University is committed to addressing student concerns and providing quality, signature services for students on the Hill.  Below, you will find a list of all of our signature services.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Campus Clean-up

Each year, the SGA sponsors this event that traces its roots to the presidency of Dr. Henry Hardin Cherry. Students begin at Cherry Hall and clean regions of the Hill.


Campus Safety Walk

Each fall, WKU officials and SGA representatives tour the campus in search of locations needing safety improvements.


Complimentary Test Materials

Now an SGA tradition, Blue Books and Scantrons are available for free in the SGA office.


Dine with Decision Makers

Dine with Decision Makers is an event where students directly interact with their state legislators over dinner. Topics discussed are primarily driven by the students and legislators. They will include talking about issues relating to higher education, costs, and the state's role in all of this.


Extended Library Hours

The Student Senate commonly provides funding in order to extend the operating hours of the library during the week of final examinations each semester.


The Society of Distinguished Graduates

This program was created to honor graduating seniors. The award is the highest recognition given to graduates by the student body. This award is intended to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of those seniors who have made significant contributions to the Hill.


Open Forum

Each Tuesday, any WKU student can address the Student Senate during the Special Orders portion of the meeting. According to the SGA Bylaws, "Any student of the University who has a matter to bring before the Senate shall be allowed to speak at this time for no longer than ten minutes."


Organizational Aid

SGA annually provides over $40,000 for campus organizations. Each organization can apply for up to $500.


The Rally for Higher Education

Each year, students from Kentucky's public universities are encouraged to attend the Rally for Higher Education in Frankfort. The event allows students to meet with lawmakers, hear an address from the Governor, and voice their concerns in the Kentucky State Capitol. Check back soon for details on Rally 2013.

Safe Ride Service ("Purple Line")

The Safe Ride service, also known as the Purple Line, is a partnership between the Student Government Association and Parking and Transportation Services to provide students with alternative transportation to prevent the dangers of driving under the influence.  Fall 2012 is the first semester of its operation.

Click here to learn more about the service and its hours of operation.


Scholar Development

This year, the Academic Affairs committee and the Director of Academic and Student Affairs have been allotted $12,000 for scholarships for the student body. Students will be eligible to apply for study abroad and research conference scholarships.


Transcript Voucher Pilot Program

The Student Government Association has arranged with the Office of the Registrar to provide students with vouchers that can be redeemed for free official transcripts.  This idea was born out of the rising costs of tuition and fees and aims to reduce the financial burden on each student.  To get a voucher or to learn more about the program, stop by the SGA office.


WKUOffCampus.com Housing Project

WKUOffCampus.com is  a special project of the WKU SGA.  It has its origins with SGA President Kevin Smiley. WKUOC was born from the idea that students should have resources available to help them find reliable, safe, and affordable housing alternatives to campus housing. WKUOffCampus.com provides an opportunity for housing providers in the Bowling Green area to post listings, so students can make informed decisions regarding offcampus housing.

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