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Student Senate Meeting
The WKU Student Senate meets at 5 p.m. every Tuesday in the Senate Chamber located on 2nd floor in DSU.



SGA Archives

Find out about current SGA issues by reviewing the latest Student Senate minutes or passed legislation.
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The Legislative Branch serves as the official voice of the student body of Western Kentucky University. It is charged with the authority to propose modifications of University policies affecting the activities and welfare of the student body. It also establishes policies and programs necessary for the proper functioning of the Student Government Association. The Student Senate meets each Tuesday at 5 p.m. in Garrett Conference Room 203.

Student Senate Minutes can be viewed here.

Click here to find an archive of many of the bills passed by the Student Senate since Fall 2009.

Senate Leadership

Paige Settles 
Speaker of the Student Senate

Patrick Mcdowell
Secretary of the Student Senate

Megan Skaggs
Academic Affairs Committee Chair

Alexis Baker
Campus Improvements Committee Chair

Jay Todd Richey
Legislative Research Committee Chair

Nolan Miles
Public Relations Committee Chair

Barrett Greenwell
Student Affairs Committee Chair


Student Senators

Rising Senior Class Senators

  • Luke Coleman
  • Alyson Manly

Sophomore Class Senators

  • Taylor Ruby

Graduate Senators

  • Timothy Gilliam

At-Large Senators

  • Samantha Johnson(Glasgow Campus President)
  • Tyler Penkins
  • Katie Ernwine
  • Joseph Taylor Richard
  • Ross Nowland
  • Christopher Costa
  • Katherine Hall
  • Elizabeth Mcgrew
  • Sam Rosenthal
  • Meredith Smith
  • Hannah Neeper
  • Elizabeth NcGrew
  • Sam Rosenthal
  • AJ Stewart

Junior Class Senators

  •  Brenna Duncan

Freshmen Class Senators

  • Joseph Dahmer
  • Josh Knight
  • Kaleb Satterly
  • Hunter Peay


Gatton Academy Senator

  •  Grace Babbs

Arts and Letters College Senator

  • Chris McKenna

Business College Senator

  • Torrie Lange

Education and Behavioral Sciences College Senator

  • Cain Alvey

Health and Human Services College Senator

  • Liz Koehler

Science and Engineering College Senator

  • Tyler Scaff

University College Senator

  • "Perry" Swack
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