Western Kentucky University

School of Teacher Education

Secondary Education


Non-Degree Planned Sixth-Year/Rank I: Secondary Education, Ref. #124

Admission Requirements
Please refer to the university admission requirements for graduate students found in the Graduate Admission section of the graduate catalog.

Program Requirements
This program requires 30 semester hours in addition to the requirements for a Planned Fifth-Year program, or 60 semester hours including a master's degree.

Required Professional Courses—5 hours

  • EDU 604 Management of the Learning Environment
  • *EDU 501 Seminar: Designing Professional Development Plan
  • †EDU 596 Portfolio Development & Professional Education Growth Plan

Related Professional Courses—7-13 hours (Chosen with advisor)

  • Secondary Education Major—13 hours including SPED 516‡
  • Secondary Education Minor—7 hours including SPED 516‡

Related Specialization Courses—12-18 hours (Chosen with advisor)

  • Secondary Education Major—12 hours
  • Secondary Education Minor—18 hours


*Students should enroll in this course within the first 7 hours of the program.

†Students should enroll in EDU 698 if EDU 596 appears on the transcript. Students should enroll in this course upon completion of at least 24 hours.

‡An approved elective may be substituted if an introductory Special Education course is on the student's transcript.

 Last Modified 2/27/14