Western Kentucky University


Adams-Whitaker Student Publications Center

Phone: 270.745.2653
Fax: 270.745.2697


Mailing address:

1906 College Heights Blvd. #11084
Bowling Green, KY 42101


On campus/GPS-friendly address:

1660 Normal Street (some systems use Normal Drive)
Bowling Green, KY 42101

Student Editors for 2013-14

Spring 2014 College Heights Herald Editor

Joanna Williams

Phone: 270.745.5044
Email: editor@wkuherald.com

Spring 2014 Herald Advertising Manager

Sidney Wahle

Phone: 270.745.6284
Email: advertising@wkuherald.com

2014 Talisman Editor

Katie Honadle

Phone: 270.745.3459
Email: talisman@wku.edu

Professional staff

Chuck Clark, Director of Student Publications

Phone: 270.745.4206
Email: Chuck.Clark@wku.edu


Carrie Pratt, College Heights Herald Adviser and Multiplatform News Adviser

Phone: 270.745.2653
Email: Carrie.Pratt@wku.edu


Jason Thompson, Sales Director and Herald Advertising Adviser

Phone: 270.745.6285
Email: Jason.Thompson@wku.edu


Charlotte Turtle, Talisman Adviser

Phone: 270.745.3055
Email: Charlotte.Turtle@wku.edu


Sherry West, Operations Manager

Phone: 270.745.2651
Email: Sherry.West@wku.edu


Tracy Newton, Office Associate

Phone: 270.745.2653
Email: Tracy.Newton@wku.edu

Bob Adams, retired director

WKU Student Publications Alumni Association director
Phone: 270.745.6278
Email: Robert.Adams@wku.edu
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