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Visitors, Conferences, and Guests are people who are neither students nor employees of the University who have an occasional need to park on campus. This includes invited guests and those attending conferences. Visitors have a variety of parking options available to them:

  • Parking meters are available throughout campus for a fee of $0.25/15 minutes. Parking length and enforcement hours vary by location. Check the sticker on the meter for details. If no sticker is present, assume the meter is being enforced and parking is only allowed for the time paid for.  Parking Meter map.
  • The South Diddle Public Parking Lot, located on the Avenue of Champions, is available for a fee of $1.50/hr. Parking fees are assessed between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Mon - Fri.                         
  • Visitor Parking map.
  • Visitor parking permits are at Parking and Transportation Services office located on Campbell Lane. Visitor permits are non-refundable. 

Departments or coordinators planning conferences, short courses, workshops or meetings may request visitor parking passes for their guests in advance of planned visits. Please contact the Parking and Transportation Services Department 10 days in advance of your event to make parking arrangements.

The complete Visitor Parking Policy can be viewed by here.

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 Last Modified 7/19/13