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(Request for general building maintenance repairs)

(These types of requests are the financial responsibility of the requesting departments.) 

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What is the difference between a Work Order Request and a Service Request?

Main Difference:  Service Requests are charged back to the requesting department and a work order is for general maintenance repairs and is the responsibility of the Facilities Management Department.


Service Requests:
These types of requests are the financial responsibility of the requesting departments. The resources provided to Facilities Management are allocated for the maintaining of buildings in their designed condition. Any additions or improvements that alter the existing space are considered projects and are not funded by the maintenance department. Purchases made for office furniture, office decor or department specific equipment etc., are also not funded by DFM. Examples of other types of request that would not be covered: unscheduled painting requests, hanging pictures, moving furniture etc. To request services beyond general maintenance, please send us a Service Request .


Work Order Request
Used to request general maintenance repairs to your buildings or grounds.  Please do not request emergency request through the online work order requestor.  Elevators, Power outages etc should be called into our office at ext. 3253 or after hours to our WKU Police at ext. 52548.

 Last Modified 4/2/14