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Department of Psychological Sciences - Research Labs

Dr. Lance Hahn and Taylor Blaetz (graduate student) in the Semantics Lab  Jessie Parks (graduate student) collecting data in the Cognition Lab  Research in progress in I/O Psychology Lab  Eye tracker in the Adult Learning Lab

Research Labs

The Department of Psychological Sciences is busy doing exciting research in psychology.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact a lab or faculty member.

Department of Psychological Sciences

Faculty Member(s) Lab Openings for Students



Clinical Psychology  Amy Brausch Risk Behaviors Lab Yes  Yes
Stephen O'Connor Suicide Prevention Lab Yes Yes
Cognitive Psychology Lance Hahn Semantics Lab Yes No
Matt Shake Adult Learning Lab Maybe Maybe
Steve Haggbloom
Lance Hahn
Andrew Mienaltowski
Sharon Mutter
Brandy Tiernan
Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Lab Yes Yes
Sharon Mutter Cognition Lab Yes Yes
Brandy Tiernan Emotion and Cognitive Control Lab Yes Yes
Developmental Psychology    Elizabeth Lemerise Social Development Lab Yes Yes
Diane Lickenbrock  Children and Families Lab Yes Maybe
Kelly Madole Cognitive Development Lab Yes Yes
Andrew Mienaltowski Lifespan Social Cognition Lab Yes Maybe
Amber Schroeder Industrial/Organizational Psychology Lab Yes Yes
Betsy Shoenfelt FUNdamental and Applied Research Room Yes Yes
Neuroscience/Perception Farley Norman Vision and Haptics Lab Yes Maybe
Social Psychology Aaron Wichman Social Cognition Lab Yes Yes


Department of Psychology


Faculty Member(s)

Lab Openings for Students
Undergraduate Graduate
Clinical Psychology Rick Grieve Clinical/Applied Research (CAR) Group Yes Yes
Sally Kuhlenschmidt Abilities Research Group No Yes
Educational Psychology Pitt Derryberry Research of Ethical and Social Topics (REST) Lab Yes Yes
Lisa C. Duffin The Academic Quality (TAQ) Lab Yes Yes
Jenni Redifer Attention and Memory Lab Yes Yes
Steve Wininger Motivation Lab Yes Yes
Qin Zhao Metacognition Lab Yes Yes
Industrial/Organizational Psychology Tony Paquin   Yes Yes
School Psychology Elizabeth Jones Emotional Issues of Children and Youth Research Group Yes Yes
Carl Myers Behavior Assessment Lab Yes Yes


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