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Biology Faculty and Staff - Shivendra Sahi

Shivendra Sahi, Ph.D. NC State

Shivendra Sahi, Ph.D. NC State


Office:  TCCW 325
Phone:  270-745-6012


BIOL 319 Cell and Molecular Biology

BIOL 322 Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory

BIOL 496/496G Plant Biotechnology


  • Medicinal application of plant metabolites
  • Synthesis of nanoparticles in plants
  • Genetic transformation of plants to improve quality
  • Environmental management and gene expression in plants in response to pollutants


Ph.D. - North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

M.S. - Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada

B.S. - Gorakhpur University, India

Recent Publications

(*student authors)

Jain, A., B. Sinilal, G. Dhandapani, R. Meagher, S. V. Sahi. Effects of deficiency and excess of zinc on morphological traits and spatiotemporal regulation of zinc-responsive genes reveal incidence of cross talk between micro- and macronutrients. Environ Sci Technol, 47, 5327-5335 (2013).

Padmanabhan, P., D. Starnes**, S.V. Sahi. Differential responses of Duo grass (Lolium x Festuca), a phosphorus hyperaccumulator to high phosphorus and poultry manure treatment. Afr J Biotechnol, 12, 3191-3195 (2013).

Sharma, N and S. Sahi. Gold nanoparticle synthesis by plants – controlling nanomaterials shapes and sizes. In, Advances in Nanotechnology & Applications, vol. 4, Eds. H.T. Tran & G.K. Pillai. CENTERA Publication, pp 94-104 (2012).

Sharma, N. and S. Sahi. Excess Soil Phosphorus – Accelerated P Transfer, Water Quality Deterioration and Sustainable Remediation Strategies. In, Improving Crop Resistance to Abiotic Stress, Wiley-Blackwell, Germany. pp165-191 (2012).

Sharma, Nilesh, S.V. Sahi. Enhanced Organic Phosphorus Assimilation Promoting Biomass and Shoot P Hyperaccumulations in Lolium multiflorum Grown under Sterile Conditions. Environ Sci Technol 2011.

Sharma, N. and S. Sahi. Excess Soil Phosphorus – Accelerated P Transfer, Water Quality Deterioration and Sustainable Remediation Strategies. In, Improving Crop Resistance to Abiotic Stress, Wiley, Germany (2011).

Israr, M., A. Jewell*, D. Kumar, S.V. Sahi. Interactive effects of lead, copper, nickel and zinc on growth, metal uptake and antioxidative metabolism of S. drummondii. J Hazardous Mat 186, 1520-26, (2011).

Badwaik*, V., J. Bartonojo*, J. Evans*, S. Sahi, C. Willis*, D. Rajalingham. Completely ’Green’ Single-step synthesis of Highly Dispersed, Spherical Gold Nanoparticles of 10-120 nm for applications in Chemistry and Biology. Langmuir 27, 5549-5554, (2011).

Padmanabhan, P., S.V. Sahi. Suppression subtractive hybridization reveals differential gene expression in sunflower grown in high P. Plant Physiol. Biochem. 49, 584-591 (2011).

Adams*, A, S. Kumar, M. Clauson, S. Sahi. The effects of Oregano (Origanum vulgare) oil on human pathogenic yeasts. Adv Biosci Biotechnol 2, 102-106, 2011.

Padmanabhan, P., P. Venkatachalam, S. V Sahi. Characterization of upregulated genes associated with high phosphorus accumulation in cucumber. Physiologia Plant 143, 344-354, 2011.

Starnes*, D, A. Jain, S.V. Sahi. In planta engineering of gold nanoparticles of desirable geometries by modulating growth conditions: an environment-friendly approach. Environ. Sci. Technol. 44, 7110-7115 (2010).

Andra*, SS, Datta, R, Sarkar, D, Makris, KC, Mullens, CP, Sahi, SV, Bach, SBH. Synthesis of phytochelatins in vetiver grass upon lead exposure in the presence of phosphorus. Plant and Soil 326, 171-185 (2010).

Padmanabhan, P., S. V. Sahi. Phytoremedial Crops and Current Research (Chapter 22). In, Industrial Crops, Technology and Users, by B. Singh (ed.). CABI, UK, pp 470-486 (2010).

Sengar, R.S., R. Chaudhary, R. Sengar, S Gupta, D. Kumar and S.V. Sahi. “Sustainable Agriculture–A Call of the Day” (Chapter 21) in Stable Food Production & Sustainable Agriculture: A Challenge Ahead in 21st Century. Studium Press, USA, pp 389-436 (2010).

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