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Renaissance Teacher Work Samples Consortium

TWS at Longwood University, Virginia

Our use of Teacher Work Samples (TWS’s) in teacher preparation programs

We are utilizing the TWS to acquire mastery data on our initial licensure programs for candidates. The programs implement the teacher work same in the mid-point clinical experience.

How long Longwood has been using TWS’s

Six to seven years

How TWS is used as an evaluation tool

We collect unit data for candidate development and program data for candidate development from the teacher sample.

How Longwood achieves scoring reliability in judging performance on TWS’s

We utilize a scoring rubric and collaborate regarding the rubric across the unit. There is some diversity in the rubric for special education vs. regular education programs.

How TWS’s have impacted teacher preparation programs at Longwood

We have utilized the data collected from the TWS to determine the thoroughness of our overall program for initial licensure and to modify or extend certain syllabi to strengthen outcomes on the TWS.

Contact Person at Longwood University

Wayne White, Associate Dean whitewk@longwood.edu

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 Last Modified 10/9/18