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Renaissance Teacher Work Samples Consortium

TWS at Southeast Missouri State University

Our use of Teacher Work Samples (TWS’s) in teacher preparation programs

The use of the TWS begins in our first professional courses which is Block II after admittance to our teacher education program. Not all elements are completed within this Block. The next step in our sequence is Block III and at that time the students complete all elements in the TWS. In addition, Block IV which is student teaching the students complete a second TWS.

How long SMSU has been using TWS’s

The College of Education received a Quality Teaching grant through the Renaissance Group which allowed the college to participate with ten university educational preparation programs and develop a TWS model for teacher candidate assessment. The original 2000 model was modified in 2004 to meet the eight standards for Missouri’s Standards for Teacher Preparation (MoSTEP). A performance assessment was developed, piloted, and implemented in 2005 and 2006 although two elements were added—Classroom Management and Family Involvement. These elements were added to meet some SPA and MoSTEP requirements.

How the TWS used at SMSU compares to the RTWS

This is the link through our College of Education webpage in lieu of a copy. ( http://www.semo.edu/education/images/ST_TWS_Student_Guidelines.pdf) Please note as stated above the scoring guide has been modified and two additional elements added.

How TWS is used as an evaluation tool

The intent of the TWS is to demonstrate how the pre-service teacher candidate measures their impact on student learning in classrooms.

How SMSU achieves scoring reliability in judging performance on TWS’s

This is an area the College of Education continues to refine. At this time discussion is being given to establishing scoring teams with on-going training to establish more consistency and reliability across the College of Education which consists of Elementary, Early Childhood, Special Education and numerous Secondary programs.

How TWS’s have impacted teacher preparation programs at SMSU

The TWS is a common assessment that has been used across all disciplines and as a result it has provided a avenue for discussion between disciplines that otherwise may not have occurred. It has given the College of Education the opportunity to consider the needs of all SPA and non-SPA programs and how it relates to the TWS.

Contact Person

Velma Gammon, Director of Field of Experiences
Contact information: vgammon@semo.edu
(573) 651-2125

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