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Bachelor of Science in Business Finance

Are you a highly motivated individual?  Do you possess excellent math skills and enjoy problem solving?  Would you like to use your skills to help others and make a difference in your community?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then Western Kentucky University's Finance program may be the right fit for you.

The Business Finance concentration deals with the acquisition and use of funds to maximize firm value.  Financial managers make decisions about alternative sources and uses of funds.  Proper financial management within the firm helps a business provide better products at reasonable prices to customers and greater returns to the investors who supply the capital needed to form and then operate the business. 

The concentration in business finance provides students with not only a broad general educational background but also a thorough professional education in finance.  Please take a moment to browse our site for more information on our faculty, curriculum, unique opportunities available to our students and much more.     

 If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us. 


Business Finance Admission Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements to gain admission to the Finance Program: (Prospective majors may take no more than 12 hours in the major prior to  admission to the program).

  • Earn a minimum of 60 hours of course work with a minimum overall GPA of  2.5
  • Completion of the following eight admission courses:  ACCT 200, ACCT 201, CIS 141, COMM 145, ECON 202, ECON 203, ECON 206 And MATH 123 or MATH 136 or MATH 137 or MATH 142 or MATH 237 or a Math ACT of at least 26 or Math SAT of at least 610.
  • Earn a minimum 2.5 GPA in the eight admission courses listed above.
  • Completion of FIN 300           

Students not meeting the above admission requirements will not be admitted to the Business Finance Program and cannot register for any additional courses in the major beyond the 12 credit hours permitted prior to admission to the program. 

Business Finance Curriculum

The Business Finance concentration (reference number 664) requires 73 hours of professional and elective courses and leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. No minor or second major is required or prohibited.  Finance majors must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in 300 and 400 level finance courses. In addition, finance majors must earn a "C" or better in both FIN 330 (Principles of Finance) and FIN 332 (Investment Theory).  All finance students must complete  FIN 300 prior to admission to the finance program. All finance majors will be required to participate in an assessment process in FIN 499 (Senior Assessment) prior to graduation.

When planning a program of study in this department, each student should be aware of University academic requirements and regulations for graduation. Specific attention should be given to (a) Academic programs and (b) Colonnade requirements.

A minimum of 120 earned hours are needed to receive a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Finance.

Required Courses 

Courses needed to complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance (beyond the Colonnade requirements and University academic requirements and regulations for graduation). 

ACCT  200 Intro Accounting-Financial
ACCT  201 intro Accounting-Managerial
CIS 141 Basic Computer Literacy
COMM   145 Fundamentals of Communication & Public Speaking
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON   203 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON  206 Statistics
FIN 300 Career Readiness in Finance
FIN  330 Principles of Finance
MKT 220 Basic Marketing Concepts
MGT 200 Legal Environment of Business
MGT  210  Organization and Management 
MGT 314 Operations Management







Choose one of the following courses:

Strategy & Policy 

Small Business Analysis & Strategy

ECON  307  Financial Data Modeling
FIN  332 Investment Theory
FIN  433 Markets and Institutions
FIN  436 International Financial Management
FIN  437 Corporate Asset Management
FIN  438 Corporate Funds Management







Choose one of the following courses:

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 

Practicum in Portfolio Management

FIN  499 Senior Assessment
    Students must take 3 additional hours and may choose from the following: 
FIN  333 Advanced Topics in Personal Financial Planning
 FIN  435 Commercial Bank Management
 MKT 323 Services Marketing 
MKT 325 Personal Selling
ACCT 300 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACCT 430 Federal Taxation - Individuals
ACCT 440 Business Law for the Accounting Professional

 In addition, students must take 6 hours of upper level finance electives as well as an additional 3 hours of business electives. Finance electives may be chosen from 300 and 400 level finance courses not already required for the major. The business elective may be chosen from any 300 or 400 level course in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Computer Information Systems, MKT 323 or MKT 325.    


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Additional Information

For additional information, contact Dr. Chhachhi, Chair of the Finance Department.

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