Western Kentucky University

08/25/2011 Agenda

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  August 25, 2011 -- 2:00 p.m.
Academic Affairs Conference Room/Wetherby 2nd Floor


I.  Call to Order

II.  Report from the Chair

III.  Election of New Chair

IV.  Approval of 04/28/2011 Minutes

V.  Old Business

      A.  Steering Subcommittee

      B.  Academic Policy Subcommittee

VI.  New Business

      Policy Referred to UCC by SEC: Course Equivalences

      A.  CHHS

      B.  PCAL

          i.  Consent

      C.  GFCB

      D.  CEBS

      E.  OCSE

          i.  Action

          ii. Consent

      F.  UC

VII.  Announcement

      A.  Membership / Elections



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