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Dr. Wendy Benningfield

A picture of Wendy Benningfield, a professor of Gender & Women's Studies

Dr. Wendy Benningfield

I am an Associate Professor of History at Campbellsville University and have the privilege of teaching adjunct for the Western Kentucky University Women’s Studies Department. I have taught at the college level for 14 years and still love it as much as I did when I started. I have a long connection with WKU. I started as a student when I was 18 and received my Bachelor Degree in Social Studies/Education. Seven years later, I enrolled in WKU again and earned my Masters in History. It was during my time on the Hill at the Masters level that I met Dr. Katherine Abbot who helped me to fall in love with Women’s History and Women’s Studies. I received my PhD from the University of Kentucky in history with a special focus in Women’s History. After graduating from UK, I decided I wanted to earn my Certificate in Women’s Studies so I re-enrolled in WKU.

After receiving my WS certificate, I started a Women’s Studies minor at the liberal arts college where I was teaching. This led to the creation of a Women’s Center where I served as Executive Director until I left my position to start teaching at Campbellsville University. I was surprised by how much I missed teaching Women’s Studies and was lucky enough to get the chance to teach classes on the Hill. I am currently in my second year with the WS department and have taught on-line classes and face-to-face.

I love teaching Women’s Studies because it allows me to help students see the world around them differently. Looking through the lens of gender and from the perspective of women, allows them to understand how diverse experiences can be in today’s society. I also love to watch my students get involved in campus events and causes that are especially important to them.

I have an 11 year old daughter who is the center of my world. I enjoy spending time with her and watching her grow into her own person. Since I have started teaching Women’s Studies, I have noticed that she and I have a lot more conversations about her life and what she will experience as she grows up. She has even begun to refer to herself as a “feminist in training.”

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