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Gender & Women's Studies Current Semester Offerings

Gender & Women's Studies

Spring 2017


Offered Online


CRIM 546 Gender, Crime, and Justice

Examines crime, criminal justice, and gender. Explores how constructions of masculinity, femininity, and features of sexuality affect victims, offenders, and professionals in the criminal justice system.

GWS 555 - Global & Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women, with K. Branham

Examination of a range of scholarship done in various disciplines on women's political practices around the world and a comparison of women's experiences cross-culturally.

GWS 575 - Justice Gender and Sustainability, with M. Kerby

A multidisciplinary examination of political and economic implications of global sustainability, with particular attention to gender and justice.


Offered on Campus only

HIST 553 - Women & Gender in US History, with D. Browder

Social, cultural, and political history of American women from pre-colonial times to the present.



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CRIM 446 - Gender, Crime and Justice, with H. Drummond (web)

Prerequisite(s): Sixty completed credit hours. Explores how gender shapes reactions toward victims, offenders, and professionals working in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

GWS 200 - Introduction to Gender & Women's Studies, with S. Farmer, B. Button, M. Bokken, and A. Radspinner

Drawing on historical perspectives and cultural analysis, this course examines such topics as women and work, violence against women, family, and the social construction of gender, sexuality, race, and class. *Offered online

GWS 400 – Western Feminist Thought, with K. Branham

This course presents the fundamental concepts embodied in Western feminist thought as it has developed from the eighteenth century to the present. It emphasizes a close analysis of individual works and critical evaluations of the assumptions and central concepts that inform the works under consideration. *Offered On Demand

DANC 360 – Dance in Culture Moving History, with S. Dever

Survey of world dance forms, emphasizing social, cultural and aesthetic principles defining these forms. Gender, racial, political and religious orientations shaping dance history are examined. *Online

FLK 330 - Cultural Connections/Diversity, with T. Evans and B. Kaufkins

Service learning course that examines the diversity of American culture and engages students in activities to develop skills in working with a variety of cultural groups.

FLK 480 - Women's Folklife, with A. Ferrell

The various images and roles of women in the U.S. and selected world cultures as reflected in folklife materials such as narratives, beliefs, ballads, rhymes, games, customs, and folk arts.

HIST 420 - History of Sexuality, with M. Dumancic

Survey of how past societies and cultures have interpreted human sexual behavior and identities.

HIST 446 - American Legal History, with P. Minter

A survey of the development of American law and its relationship to political, economic, and social trends in modern American society.

HIST 453 - American Women's History, with D. Browder

Social, cultural, and political history of American women from pre-colonial times to the present.

RELS 408 - Religion and Ecology, with I. Mukonyora

The study of different religious perspectives on ecology.

FACS 495 - Relationship Violence, with A. West

A study of the dynamics underlying interpersonal violence and theoretical perspectives regarding the etiology of violent behavior. Analysis of behaviors indicative of violent relationships and various treatment modalities as they are applied to individuals and families are emphasized. *Available Online and On Demand

PH 365 - Human Sexuality, with J. Kim and M. Gardner

Examines sociological, physiological, and psychological aspects of human sexuality in relation to family life, courtship, marriage, reproduction, education, and aging. Includes information on sexual assault, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and HIV/AIDS. *Available Online and On Demand

PH 464 - Women's Health, with D. Shearer

An analysis of the major health problems of contemporary women, with a special emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention, and consumer health concerns. *Online

PSY 355 - Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology, with A. Paquin

Examines the impact of culture on major principles, theories, and applications of psychology, including social behavior, gender, communication, development and abnormal psychology. Involves interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

SOCL 359 - Sexuality and Society, with M. Pruitt

Sociological examination of issues, debates, and research on pornography, prostitution, sexual orientation, and sex and the law.

SOCL 362 - Race, Class, & Gender, with A. Onyekwuluje

The five primary institutions (family, religion, economy, education government) as they affect and are affected by race, class, and gender in America. Explores interrelationships among those institutions and between various racial and other groups. *Available On Demand

SOCL 435 - Family Violence, with A. Krull

A sociological perspective on family violence in the United States, emphasizing child abuse and intimate partner violence. Research, theory, laws, treatment and prevention are analyzed. *On Demand

SOCL 466 - Gender/Families, with L. McClain

Examination of gender dynamics and inequality in the context of the family. Issues examined may include mate selection, parenting, same-sex families and parenting, gendered divisions of work, gendered family dynamics by social class and race/ethnicity, costs, for example.

SUS 295 - Pop Culture & Gender: Signs & Narratives, with E. Hall

Prerequisite(s): 21 hours of Foundations & Explorations Courses, or junior status.Through the study of signs and narrative structures, this course investigates contemporary Western popular culture's concepts of gender.

Schedule of Classes

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