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Accounts Payable - Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts Payable

1906 College Heights Blvd., #11099

Service Supply Building

Bowling Green, KY  42101-1099


If you are an employee, any reimbursements will be done via ACH. An email notification will be sent when the bank transaction has been initiated.

If you have access to FAIVNDH in Banner, you my look up the vendor.

W-9 forms are required for all vendors. The W-9 only has to be submitted one time to Accounts Payable. If the vendor changes their name, status, or TIN, please submit a new W-9.

A signed Contractor Status Form (CSF) needs to be submitted each time an individual performs a service.  

A Form 16 is a Payroll form used to pay employees who perform functions on campus other than their assigned duties. 

Unless previously approved the limit on a PA is $2,000.00.

Please direct questions to Accounts Payable.

Contact Accounts Payable with the check number and date. If this information is not available, the vendor or payee's name is required.  

A stop payment cannot be placed on a check until ten business days have passed so the vendor has ample time to receive the check in the mail.   

Contact Accounts Payable with the check number and date. If this information is not available, the vendor or payee's name is required. 

Please direct questions to Accounts Payable.

Verify that the check has been issued by looking in Banner for the check. Note the date of the check, the check number and the amount. If the check has been issued, contact Accounts Payable to verify that the check is outstanding, to obtain a copy of the check, or to place a stop payment in the check. If the vendor's name and address on the check is correct, a stop payment cannot be placed on the check until 10 business days have passed.

You must prepare a Retrofit Requisition in TopShop and wait for Purchasing to establish a confirmation Purchase Order. Once established, you should forward the invoice to Accounts Payable. 

The following are not issued by Accounts Payable: Student Financial Aid, Bursar Office or Parent Loan Checks. If you have questions regarding a check issued via the Bursar's Office, contact the Billings & Receivables Office at (270) 745-6382.

Reimbursements for travel have a number that begins with TR. If an invoice with an invoice number was provided, the invoice number will be referenced on the check. Otherwise a copy of the pay document will be enclosed with your check.

If the check is returned to AP it can be replaced without an affidavit being signed. Otherwise a signed/notarized affidavit is required to replace the check.

Accounts Payable reports all 1099-MISC information to the IRS by the end of each February for the previous calendar year. 
A Pay Document is required before a payment can be made. Each invoice, reimbursement request, etc., must include a Pay Document - Purchase Order (PO), Payment Authorization (PA), Library Voucher (HL), Travel Voucher (TR), Emergency Loan (EL), Refund Voucher (RV), or Multiple Payment Authorization (MP).
All expenses must be accounted for with a receipt. A Travel lost receipt affidavit can be prepared online for a lost travel receipt. This form is only used in extreme cases and should be looked upon as an exception. It is a Travel Form and can only be used when completing Travel/Group Travel Vouchers.
Yes. After completing the form, do a Print Preview. The last button across the top of the screen is "Shrink to Fit", change screen to 80%, or the percentage that allows the form to print on one page.
This form is only used for payment for services. All payments must be for the same description but can be for different amounts. All payments must be less than $2,000.00. An approved CSF must be attached along with a W-9 form if one is not on file in Accounts Payable.
Yes. The Payment Authorization form has two boxes under the address that can be checked. The Payee's name and address can be added. A completed W-9 form must be attached. 
Payments under $2,000.00 can be processed on Payment Authorization Forms, if approved by Purchasing.
Yes, as long as the Index/Commodity Code information does not exceed the allotted spaces provided. 
If payment is less than $2,000.00, prepare a Payment Authorization Form and attach an approved Contractor Status Form. Also, have a signed and fully completed W-9 form from the payee and send all forms to Accounts Payable.
Please direct questions to Accounts Payable.
Ordinarily, we only make payments from invoices. This is so that we have a detailed listing of all goods or services that were ordered. The exception to this rule is for companies that only send statements.

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