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Gender & Women's Studies Student Stories

Gender & Women's Studies

Student Stories

Image of Melissa Bond Melissa Bond Testimonial Video

Image of Alayna Milby Alayna Milby Testimonial Video

Image of Christa Moore Christa Moore Testimonial Video


Image of Michelle PageMichelle Page (GWS)

Being in the GWS program at WKU has really stretched me.  I expected to grow in my understanding of gender and women’s studies since I did not previously have extensive background knowledge in this area. But what I had not expected is how much I learned and grew with respect to other knowledge and skills, such as my writing. Read more.


image of Leigh Johnson

Leigh Johnson (GWS 2005) Assistant Professor of English at Marymount University

"The GWS certificate at WKU helped me focus my interest and passion for women's studies, and especially Chicana feminism.  Read more...


image of Martha Sales Martha J. Sales (2008) Executive Director of the WKU’s Intercultural Student Engagement Center & TRIO Programs

With the Certificate, I gained the credentials to teach Introduction to Gender & Women’s Studies. Read more...



Image of Jacqueline Adams Jacqueline Adams (2014) Education and Training Coordinator, LGBT Resource Center at Bowling Green State University

2nd Year Doctoral Student in American Culture Studies and the Performance Studies Graduate Certificate Program at Bowling Green State University

The GWS Certificate I completed at WKU has shaped how I define my utopic views of the academy!  Read more...

image of Brandi Button


Brandi Button Acting Executive Director, Sustainable Glasgow Inc. and Adjunct Instructor of Gender and Women's Studies Western Kentucky University 

The GWS Certificate and SRSC program prepared me to critically analyze the world in which I live. Read more...

image of Anne Radspinner


Anne Radspinner, GWS Adjunct Faculty

Earning my graduate certificate in gender and women’s studies has been life-changing.  Read more...



Susan Alexander



Susan Alexander, Online Graduate Certificate Student

For a college campus that is predominantly male and career oriented, the approach I chose for the upper-division class I teach tackles stereotypes of both genders.  Read more...


graduate certificate student


Georgia Wheatley, Online Graduate Certificate Student

A few years ago, I received a grad certificate from Gender & Women's Studies. Read more...


Graduate Student Leslie Nichols



Leslie Nichols, Online Graduate Certificate Student and designer of our GWS t-shirt logo

In the summer of 2010, I started a visual art series that reflected a personal search for a sense of place. Read more...


image of Heather Pease


Heather Pease (2006)

My time with the Gender and Women Studies Program is the cornerstone for which I’ve built both my professional and personal life. From 2004-2006, I worked toward my GWS graduate certificate and was also fortunate to work as the graduate assistant for the program.  Read more...

image of Adam Swanson




Adam Swanson, GWS Minor

"The Gender and Women's Studies program at WKU deeply impacted the way I process information and think about the complex social, political, and economic issues we face today.  Read more...


Whitney Tchoula

Whitney Tchoula, GWS Minor

My name is Whitney Tchoula—When I began at WKU, I felt alone and out of place, and I even considered dropping out. That all changed after I entered Dr. Kristi Branham’s GWS 200 classroom.  Read more...

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