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Summer at WKU

Spend your summer at WKU

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Whether you want to work, live, or play, WKU has a space for you this Summer!

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Summer School Housing

If you are a WKU student who is working or taking summer course, we have on-campus housing available for you! Daily and weekly rates are available. With the convienance of nearby classes, on-campus dining, and flexible move-in dates, WKU residence halls are more than just a place to live!

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Summer Conferences

Would you like to host a group at WKU? During the months of June and July, WKU Housing & Residence Life has several residence halls available to host a wide variety of groups. We offer traditional residence halls with community bathrooms, as well as suite style halls with private bathrooms. Let us make your Summer Conference great!

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Summer Employment

Are you a WKU student in need of a Summer job? WKU Housing & Residence Life has plenty of opportunities for employment! We offer RA, desk clerk, night clerk, central office, conference hosting, and crew positions! Applications for employment are due by 4 pm February 8th.

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We look forward to seeing you this Summer at WKU!

 Last Modified 7/22/13