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Award Information/Notification

Receiving Your Award Notification

Official award notifications are sent each week. Beginning in April (for first-time freshmen) and mid-May (for returning WKU students), awards are made and sent for the pending academic year. All notifications are sent to students' WKU email accounts. If, for some reason, this account address is invalid, email notifications are sent to the email account a student has listed on his/her FAFSA. If no email address is available or valid, a paper award notification is mailed to the student.

Accepting Your Awards


Review your Award Notification carefully. Most aid is awarded based on full-time enrollment. Changes to enrollment may affect financial aid eligibility.  

To receive aid, students must accept or decline their awards through TopNet, per the instructions below:

  • Go to TopNet.wku.edu
  • Enter WKU ID (or NetID) AND Password
  • Select Financial Aid link, then Select Award
  • Select Award for Aid Year, then Select Aid Year
    • Select the year you wish to accept/decline (for example, 2018-2019)
  • Select either Accept Full Amount of All Awards OR choose a specific lesser amount

A video on how to accept your award on TopNet can be found below:

How to Accept Your Aid Video Preview



If you need to make changes to accepted or declined financial aid, you may email us at fa.help@wku.edu. Be sure to include your Student ID or social security number in your email, so we can locate your account.

Remember: Students will receive only one award notice. Any changes to a student's offered or accepted financial aid (increases, decreases, additions, or deletions) will be posted to the student's account information on TopNet. We strongly urge all students to periodically check their TopNet account for any changes.

You may access TopNet by going to WKU's home page at www.wku.edu. Next, select "Students" and choose "TopNet." On TopNet's website, follow the online instructions for either creating a new account or accessing an existing account.

 ** Pell Grants, CAP Grants, and KEES Scholarships will automatically be accepted for you. These cannot be accepted online.** 

Please Note: Students will need to sign an authorization statement if they wish to use financial aid to pay other charges on their account such as meal plans, housing charges, etc. The Authorization statement link is located in TopNet. Just as with accepting awards, go to TopNet.wku.edu, select Financial Aid Link, select Award, and then Authorization Statement.


Award Information

The videos below contain information about Federal and State financial aid programs.
Grants Video Preview


Pell Grant
  • Federal funds that students are NOT required to pay back
  • Funds are automatically accepted
  • Can be used for up to the equivalent of 12 full-time semesters
  • Can be used during Fall, Spring, and Summer terms
  • Can receive up to three full-time awards within an academic year
Grants Video Preview


Cap Grants
  • State funds that students are NOT required to pay back
  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours
  • Can be used during Fall and Spring semesters only; cannot be paid in Summer
  • This fund will be accepted automatically; students cannot accept it on TopNet
KEES Video Preview


Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES)
  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours
  • Will be accepted automatically; students cannot accept it on TopNet
  • Generally credits during the second month of classes
Types of Federal Direct Student Loans Video Preview


Federal Direct Student Loans*
  • Subsidized Loan: Interest does not accrue on this loan while the student is in school
  • Unsubsidized Loan: Interest does accrue on this loan while the student is in school
  • Federal funds which MUST BE PAID BACK by the student
  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours (4.5 hours for Graduate students)
MPN and Entrance Counseling Video Preview



How to Accept Federal Direct Student Loans
  • Award must be accepted through student's TopNet account
    • Student can accept a full or partial amount
  • First-time borrowers must go to studentaid.gov to:
    • Sign Master Promissory Note (MPN), which is good for 10 years
    • Complete Entrance Loan Counseling

 *Note: The maximum amount a student can borrow as an Undergraduate is $57,500 (of which only $23,000 can be subsidized). Graduate students can borrow up to $138,500. Students are strongly encouraged to keep up with their loan balance by logging into their account at www.nslds.ed.gov after each semester.


Other Resources and Payment Plans


Parent Plus Loan

Parents interested in applying for a loan to help cover expenses can go to studentaid.gov to apply for this credit-based loan. 

If a parent applies for this loan and is not approved, the student will automatically have his/her unsubsidized loan increased. Only the PARENT, not the student, can apply for this loan. 

A video that discusses Parent PLUS Loans can be found below:

Parent PLUS Loans Video Preview



Additional Websites

Private Loans: https://choice.fastproducts.org/FastChoice/home/200200

For information on payment plans, please visit https://www.wku.edu/bursar/payment_plans.php

For information on BankMobile, please visit https://www.wku.edu/bursar/refund_service.php 


Questions?  Contact us at fa.help@wku.edu


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