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Virtual Super Saturdays

Course Offerings



Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be in the same class for three weeks.


Winter Virtual Super Saturdays Course Offerings


1) All Things Matter, grades 1 & 2, Lori Darnell
Elephant Toothpaste, Pop Rocks, balloon inflations...oh my! In this class, as junior scientists, you will get to join in on lots of minds-on and hands-on activities while exploring all the states of matter. We will be using things that you can find around your house to make fun and sometimes EXPLODING experiments. I hope you will join in to be one of my scientists!


2) Experimenting, Exploring, and Creating Art with Science, grades 1 & 2, Ashley Davison
If you enjoy creating art and doing science experiments, you will love this class! Join us in exploring new ways to make art through experimentation with common household items and basic art materials. Artists, curious minds, and scientists unite to create art that is unique, exciting, and sometimes a bit messy! I can’t wait it make amazing art experiments with you! 


3) Master Mathematicians, grades 1 & 2, Kierra Chandler

Do you want to become a master mathematician? Then join our journey with numbers as we explore fun and challenging games, puzzles, and exciting missions - we may even search for treasure or write some secret codes! Get ready to create, solve, and discover as you become a master mathematician!


4) Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, and More: Shelter Camp 101, grades 3 & 4, Kaley Burden and Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society
Do you have what it takes to be an animal humane society shelter worker? Join us as we go behind the scenes of the Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society to learn all about what it takes to keep the shelter running. We’ll do animal-inspired activities together as we find out why an animal shelter has to exist, about animal overpopulation, the importance of spaying/neutering an animal, and more. By following the path an animal takes from intake to adoption, you’ll find out about basic companion animal care, the importance of veterinary care (watch a live exam!), safety around animals, and how to read and understand cat and dog body language! If you love animals of all kinds, Shelter Camp 101 is the place for you. 


5) Inventor’s Workshop, grades 3 & 4, Jen Sheffield
Do you love building things and making stuff? Do you enjoy being creative and using your imagination? Then get ready to be a creative engineer in Inventor’s Workshop! Design the ultimate pet habitat, machines to fix life’s little problems, and inventions to help save the world. You’ll explore the design thinking process and build prototypes of your one-of-a-kind ideas using household items, art supplies, and whatever random recycled/repurposed junk you can find at home. Let’s make stuffand maybe even save the world along the way!


6) Out of This World Science, grades 3 & 4, Madison Wells Staton

When you look up at the night sky, what do you see? What do you wonder? For centuries, astronomers have searched for knowledge about the night sky and the many beautiful objects found there — now, it’s your turn! Join me as we take a closer look at the planets, stars, moons, galaxies, asteroids, and comets found in our galactic neighborhood and beyond through virtual field trips, hands-on explorations, and astronomical engineering challenges! 


7) Avengers Science, grades 4 & 5, Kacie Gaekle
S.H.I.E.L.D. is gathering the Avengers, and your help is needed for experiments and activities to support the team. You’ll make a bubble lab to see how cell membranes work and how Hulk and Captain America have their powers, try to crack codes like Black Widow, and take a look into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor.  You will use various types of text and media to examine how science, writing, and the Avengers Team all tie together. What will YOUR Super Power be?


8) How to Beat Up a Bacteria: Introduction to Infections and Cures, grades 5 & 6, Matthew Howell

Everyone has been given a firsthand look at science and history during this pandemic - what better time to explore the microscopic world that lives in and around us? We’ll do a deep dive into looking at bacteria, viruses, and fungi as well as getting a basic understanding of the cells in our own bodies. We’ll meet the “Bullies” (bacteria, viruses, and fungi can make us sick and how to know the differences), “Fighting Back” (how our bodies fight invaders), and “the Reinforcements” (things humans have created to help us beat infections, and some cool futuristic solutions). Heads up: gross images will be shown in this class! For class you will need a device that can take pictures and digitally share them (Camera phone, tablet, digital camera, etc.) Also a second internet connected device would be handy for live online games, but is not required.

9) Mysteries of the Human Body, grades 5 & 6, Catherine Malin and Beth Adams

The human body is one of the greatest mysteries of all times. Together, we will explore and solve some of the mysteries surrounding human anatomy and physiology, genetics, and more! Throughout the program, you’ll extract your own DNA, make a blood model, design a pumping heart, and decode optical illusions. Join us on this intriguing journey as we uncover the mysteries of the human body.



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