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Timesheet guidance during the University closure due to COVID-19

All non-exempt staff members on the semi-monthly and bi-weekly payroll schedule should continue to complete their timesheet for all hours worked.  Your total weekly hours of 37.5* should be written in the weekly total box on the timesheet with a notation regarding the COVID-19 University closure.  Timesheets should continue to be turned into your Supervisor at the end of each pay period.  Any hours worked between 37.5-40 in a given workweek should continue to be paid at the regular hourly rate and any hours over 40 should be paid at time and one half.

*The Police department will continue to be paid for 40 hours each week.  Part-time employees will be paid based on actual remote working hours or if not working remote based on an average of hours typically worked.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All non-exempt employees are required to maintain an accurate record of time worked.  As required by the Fair Labor Standards Act, any hours worked over 40 during a given workweek are to be paid at time and one half.  Timesheets are to be maintained in departmental records for a minimum of three years.

Timesheet Training Links:

Semi-monthly payroll staff members click here.

Bi-weekly payroll staff members click here.


Leave Reporting

Vacation or Sick Leave time taken is reported through the web via Topnet.

Questions? Download the Leave Reporting Guide or Approving Leave Reports Guide.

Forget to report leave? Complete the Paper Leave Report Form.


Compensable vs. Non-Compensable Travel Time



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 Last Modified 2/24/21